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For me, the details of how my hands sit on the bars makes a very big difference. I take any new bike out for rides with no tape on the bars and all the tools until they pass the comfort test. I ride with real weight on my hands and have for many years. I also have dropped handlebars on all my bikes, brakes and levers//hoods on all my bikes, more than half of which are fix gears. I dial my bikes in by getting the handlebar rotation right to make the drops all day comfortable (for my hands; not necessarily my back!) so if I have to go upwind for hours I can. Only then do I fuss with dialing in the lever position. Then, with several good hand positions, I can change up those positions regularly as I ride.

I am fussy about the details of the handlebar and lever shape. There are a lot of each I simply stay away from. (I've acquired the experience re: those shapes via the 5 decades of riding I've done. The flip side is that with those decades comes a body far less tolerant of so-so fits.) Ride, play with the setup and observe. Your setup will evolve. Quite likely to something not quite like anyone else's. That doesn't matter if it works for you,

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