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Bikes: Tern Verge Duo(PINK!)

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Originally Posted by minbikemaxfun View Post
I didn't end up buying this bike, but I did some research into it.

Two considerations:

1) It's a single speed, so is your commute very flat or very short? What if the gearing is low? Are you okay with not having a high top speed?

2) The belt drive is NOT Gates CDX. That's why it's cheaper than other bikes with belt drive. If someday the belt needs to be replaced, you'll have to buy the replacement through Citizen.

I am intrigued by their muffin airless tire option. I've tried bikes with muffin tires and they're not bad. It'd be nice to not have to worry about pumping or flats.

Here is an email I got from them regarding the belt manufacturer.
1. Single speed is fine for me, not intending to use it for any serious hardcore riding, just for trawling around town (Anaheim now). My previous bike was a Tern Verge Duo so I'm used to single speed.

2. I didn't know that it wasn't a Gates drive, but I don't really mind what it is, as long as it works and is reliable.

3. The Muffin Tops are interesting, but I'm also a bit confused about them. I've read about airless tires before but those were made of solid rubber or foam. I thought these would be solid rubber as well but the site says "Airless: Filled with a natural, stable gas, integrated with macromolecular materials, MuffinŽ Tires will never need air and will never go flat." So it's airless but it's filled with other types of gasses? Which means it's not solid rubber? And it also says "MuffinŽ technology allows us to create a tire and wheel combination that weighs almost half the weight of traditional solid tires.", if it's really that light then I guess it really ISN'T solid rubber?
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