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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
I believe this 100% and even more so for cyclists who are adept at using mirrors while cycling. Not only am I looking for 2-wheeled road users from behind the steering wheel, but I am much more patient when it comes to getting past them, or NOT passing them at all. I also notice all pedestrians and even stop to let them cross, which in my city really confuses them.

"Spend a day in my shoes/cleats?" Not so sure I want people who are forced to cycle anywhere near a road.
Not a day... I think a semester, early in their education, should be devoted to cycling as transportation and encouraged.

Later, when they take drivers ed, that prior road use knowledge is then part of their over all road use education... I also feel that drivers need more than 40 hours training... and should be trained to understand the ethics of driving a car and what "share the road" really means.

We do this with math, english and other subjects... addition and subtraction before algebra... etc... yet, driving, something people do as a life long activity... and that has the potential to kill, we cast off a quick 40 hour haphazard training thing... and wonder why 40,000 people a year die in traffic deaths. Crazy.
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