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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
1- a bike thats meant to handle weight well wont then feel lively when unloaded. Conversely, a bike thats meant to feel lively when unloaded wont handle weight as well.
Life just doesn't work that way.

2- with that said- quality double butted cromo tubing that is oversize(OS) works great for an XL size frame touring bike. 9/6/9 tubing is thin enough to feel fun when riding and thick enough to handle loaded touring.

- OS tubes are stiffer than traditional sized tubes.
- .9/.6/.9 will be great if the weight makes sense. A 220# rider with 40# of gear may be fine while a 260# rider with 40# of gear may feel some flex.
- .9/.6/.9 wont be as lively or as light as .8/.5/.8 tubing on the same bike.

you need to decide if you value the unloaded feel or the loaded feel more.

also- more important than material details is geometry. Geometry will affect how a bike feels when riding more than small tubing differences.
Ok, then. Let's talk ideal geometry for an XL frame with .9/.6/.9
Let's start with a seat tube angle of 73, chainstay at 450...what else ?

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