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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
I'm all for hyperbole, but I can't abide hyperbole for hyperbole's sake. Is Del Taco the best food in the world? No. Is it the worst? Absolutely not. Is it cheap? Yep. Is it open 24 hours, so I can get chili cheese fries at 2am? You bet.

If you truly, genuinely believe in your heart of hearts that a Del Taco taco is the "some of the most disgusting food" you've ever eaten, then I encourage you to broaden your horizons. Dramatically. I went to college with a guy that washed down century eggs with Coke. The smell is something you can never forget. Speaking 100% objectively, there's nothing on the entire Del Taco menu that would even approach the top 100 of "things I wouldn't recommend anyone eat." Christ almighty, it's a taco shell with ground beef, cheese, and lettuce.
On the other hand, hyperbole isn't difficult when its a food you don't like. Caviar is gag inducing no matter how much it costs.
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