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Originally Posted by Teamprovicycle View Post
im just wondering , in america we have usa cycling that is basically the only , or at least the most popular organization , im not sure if they are connected to uci but they still register along side uci events . im curious as to how much " cheating " goes on in amateur race events . from what ive seen you don't even have to use your real name , a person could show up to an even in cat 5-1 , with a needle sticking out his or her butt cheeks , with a hidden motor bike , race as Adolf Hitler , and no one would ever check , i guess there is a protest period , but does that mean a rider will be forced to drug test . do uci register riders have to pass drug tests and get their bikes inspected before races .

when does a rider have to start passing USADA or what ever they are called screenings , to compete ???

paging @Doge

You ask a wide array of questions. No, one can not show up with a syringe hanging out of their butt check and race. It would be uncomfortable to sit on the the saddle for one. Testing happens at select events only, typically unannounced, and off tips to the USADA hot line. You do not have to have a drug test to compete, though it's possible you might be tested at some point.

I've seen tons of cheating in the vein of guys cutting courses and taking free laps where there aren't free laps. Using parts of the road not allowed (i.e. over the yellow line). Sometimes they're relegated, often not. I do know a guy who had an international license of one category and a domestic of another and would race under both. He was eventually caught and suspended.

Equipment probably gets more complicated.

All said, sure guys cheat. But really it's american cycling. You could win a pro crit and 12 people would care. Most of them related to you or on your team.

Is it legit though? You go hard and get a great workout. The real question is what are you looking for?
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