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I think that much like exploring in the 'old' days, that doing so will be marked in tragedy. I actually wonder if our of age, safe space, PC crowd can actually stomach sending groups of people off to what is almost certain death. There was a fellow, I think the project has already failed, that found a bevy of people willing to try the one way trip. I think his pipe dreams caught up with his ability to finance, haven't heard anything about that in a while.

If mankind is going to survive itself we have to find a way to get into and travel space fast enough to get places...places that we don't even know exist yet, but a start will be learning how to live on an inhospitable planet. Issues I see are micro gravity and solar particle bombardment. These people will weaken and die from those alone.

As to pulling resources 'in' from space...not possible at this time. We have no way to bring any substantial amount of resource down to Earth without burning it up. If we can learn to 'stage' in space, which will have to be done anyway, and develop our ability to actually manufacture something there, it will be a start. Any craft that we build to sustain ourselves in space and particularly travel there will be too large to generate enough energy to escape our atmosphere unless some totally revolutionary drive system is developed.
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