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Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
There's a big difference. Columbus bumbled into a New World...and justified the entire thing to his lordly Patrons by bringing back Cheddar (gold) and slaves.

The only things on the Moon and a bunch of dead rock and dust, the only water to drink requires a ton of effort and as for breathable air--it needs made, not even local fauna to live off. And what is more, if anything of value was/is found, it will crash the economies of those materials here--just as it did for Columbus when he brought back riches to the Old World.
There is some speculation that helium-3 could be harvested from the lunar surface which has the potential of becoming an extremely valuable resource.

If astronomy is important to humans, there would be the potential of building HUGE lunar telescopes that could dwarf the capabilities of anything we could build on Earth, or terrestrial orbits. Potentially helping to define the elusive exoplanets.

One could also build radio telescopes in areas with zero radio noise (or highly controlled radio noise.

Rockets could be launched from the surface of the moon for virtually nothing, likely using a solar powered electro-magnetic launcher, and no huge tanks or capsules.

Of course, for any of that to be practical, one would have to build a huge infrastructure, or at least the ability to fabricate on the moon, either robotically, or with human intervention.

Low-G and Zero-G manufacturing may prove fruitful, or it may fizzle.
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