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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
Honest question out of ignorance.........there are 3/4 races with enough prize money to even justify your gas money and Motel 6 stay?

I thought most Cat 3/4/5 race prize money was in the ballpark of gas money within 100 miles and a meal and snack. The one's I've seen on USAC local to me anyway.

That'd be a horrible motivating factor to down-cat. Unless you want some jangle around your neck and a cool picture.

Now, in golf, I've seen guys sandbag a $60 entry fee at local tournament to the tune of like $250. I haven't seen a $190 prize for first in a Cat 3 race around here. When I played golf in HS, I could make enough "money" in a couple local country club tournaments each year to pay for some balls, tees, gloves, new shoes, and other yearly consumables. It was in credits to the club, not cash, but I'd buy either what I needed or I'd buy stuff with excellent re-sale and then sell it to buddies.
from the DC area, there are races in Richmond or Va Beach VA, Central/Eastern PA, and S. Jersey, that all have very different regulars racing them, and are all within a couple of hours drive so no motel 6 involved. The cost benefit analysis doesn't seem to add up to me but it must to some people.
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