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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
There is some speculation that helium-3 could be harvested from the lunar surface which has the potential of becoming an extremely valuable resource.

If astronomy is important to humans, there would be the potential of building HUGE lunar telescopes that could dwarf the capabilities of anything we could build on Earth, or terrestrial orbits. Potentially helping to define the elusive exoplanets.

One could also build radio telescopes in areas with zero radio noise (or highly controlled radio noise.

Rockets could be launched from the surface of the moon for virtually nothing, likely using a solar powered electro-magnetic launcher, and no huge tanks or capsules.

Of course, for any of that to be practical, one would have to build a huge infrastructure, or at least the ability to fabricate on the moon, either robotically, or with human intervention.

Low-G and Zero-G manufacturing may prove fruitful, or it may fizzle.
Not sure what you think we can do with He3. If/when fusion power happens, terrestrial renewables will have made it irrelevant down here. Simply getting fusion hasn't happened yet, and getting out more power than put in is a long ways off....and commercial power plants are something not even worth thinking about, certainly not my life time and probably not this century. There's definite scientific purpose to hardware beyond LEO...but unless there's a plain and obvious $$$$ maker in sight--it isn't happening. And there really isn't one in sight.

Course odds are this discussion will get cut short and moved to politics/religion, where few can reply.
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