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Originally Posted by Marcus_Ti View Post
Not sure what you think we can do with He3. If/when fusion power happens, terrestrial renewables will have made it irrelevant down here. Simply getting fusion hasn't happened yet, and getting out more power than put in is a long ways off....and commercial power plants are something not even worth thinking about, certainly not my life time and probably not this century. There's definite scientific purpose to hardware beyond LEO...but unless there's a plain and obvious $$$$ maker in sight--it isn't happening. And there really isn't one in sight.

Course odds are this discussion will get cut short and moved to politics/religion, where few can reply.
Fusion is coming.

Once the first couple of plants are up and running, the technology could rapidly be widely distributed around the world.

Of course, they could discover major flaws in the engineering or unforeseen difficulties. Time will tell.

Controlled fusion could also augment space exploration and colonization or mining.
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