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I know the Broam/Breed were in the running for you. Any reason you decided on the Jari over those (other than price, which I see was a big factor)? I imagine availability might have been an issue, since I've been discovering the same thing about actually finding shops with gravel bikes in stock. Piermont Bikes said they might only get one or two Topstones in later this year, and no Vayas.

I like the Jari quite a bit, but don't love the gold color on the 2019's, so I might need to pay Performance a visit.

Edit: If you could expand on your test-riding process a little, I would be in your debt! Like I mentioned elsewhere, I've winnowed down my options and will be shopping in NYC as well, so know if you ran into similar issues to the Fuji dealer not even knowing about the Jari, for other brands, it would be a big help!

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