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Originally Posted by Giacomo 1 View Post
American cycling needs to start winning on the pro circuit and that's where I believe they should concentrate their efforts. All that other stuff is just sideline fluff that will likely make the team worse on the pro circuit. It will just spread them thin and be waste of effort. Sorry, but nobody cares about a Grinduro winner or remembers who the last Dirty Kanza winner was, or likely even knows what the heck the Dirty Kanza is. They care about TDF winners and Classics winners. And right now we have nobody that can win a Monument, or even be competitive in one, and we have no Grand Tour threats either. We have no sprinters, and maybe one or two decent climbers and maybe a couple of very average TT riders. We are a huge country of domestiques, while tiny countries like Australia, Great Britain and tiny Eastern European countries that I can't find on a map produce winners. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. This is what needs to change if Americans are going to once again care about cycling.

As you can see, I am down on American cycling right now, and sideshows like this by an American team give me the appearance that they have given up on winning on the pro circuit. Guess Ill check the map and find a rider from Khazikstan or Estonia to root for because they will likely produce a winner before we do.

But I'm approaching 60 years old now and maybe I no longer have any idea what sells these days, so excuse my curmudgeon rant and don't take it personally. So good luck in Red Hook. Its a very nice neighborhood these days...
Americans overwhelmingly don't have a clue about EU monuments or classics either. Unpaved road events have much more of a cult following than even pavement here. When was the last time you heard about an amateur road race needing to hold a lottery for 2,000 start-line spots, because it was too popular for itself? How about never. Period. Never. I'd be very surprised if it ever happened in US history....only RAGBRAI comes to mind--but that isn't a race.

And EU road racing for their part is barely treading water. They can't keep sponsors, and teams go bust regularly, their model can barely keep races afloat....and are struggling to find some formula that will get people to even watch the last 50km of a cycling race. Go and watch Paris-Tours this year, very interesting race---because they put in a many miles of vineyard backtrack MMR. Grand Tours for their part are only tourism-porn, because generally there is never any actual racing until maybe 30km to go.
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