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Bikes: Fuji Jari 1.3

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Originally Posted by Lava View Post

I know the Broam/Breed were in the running for you. Any reason you decided on the Jari over those (other than price, which I see was a big factor)? I imagine availability might have been an issue, since I've been discovering the same thing about actually finding shops with gravel bikes in stock. Piermont Bikes said they might only get one or two Topstones in later this year, and no Vayas.

I like the Jari quite a bit, but don't love the gold color on the 2019's, so I might need to pay Performance a visit.

Edit: If you could expand on your test-riding process a little, I would be in your debt! Like I mentioned elsewhere, I've winnowed down my options and will be shopping in NYC as well, so know if you ran into similar issues to the Fuji dealer not even knowing about the Jari, for other brands, it would be a big help!
I started a thread on whether a gravel bike could be a decent road bike over in the road cycling section. What I learned there was to pay a lot more attention to the trail. Road bikes have lower trail numbers than gravel and yes, a gravel bike can be a road bike, but the handling will feel sluggish compared to a dedicated road bike. So I looked at which gravel bikes had lower trail numbers and it was the Jari. With 700x25s on the Jari actually has a trail (just) below 60. (The Topstone also has "good" trail numbers).

And I too initially hated the dark gold color on the new Jari 1.1, but as time passed I started to actually really like it.

Then I saw a comment on Riding Gravel by someone who bought a Topstone that it was heavy (23.5 lbs). That was a strike against it. (Though, what I bought is barely lighter).

Speaking of the Topstone, if you're in NYC Cannondale is doing a demo day out on Long Island on Saturday where you can ride a Topstone.

If you're interested in riding a Checkpoint Danny's is stocking them. One of the sales guys (Forest) at the Upper West Side store bought a Checkpoint carbon frame and built it up if you wanna talk to someone who's been riding one. And Danny's warehouse in Pelham has two carbon Orbea Terras (size 55) that they've marked down from $3K to $2K. If that's of any interest. And when I stopped into Ride Brooklyn in Park Slope (just off Flatbush) they knew exactly what a Topstone was, thought they were great, and were trying to get them in stock. Another place you might try is the Tenafly Bicycle Workshop across the bridge in NJ. They're focused on trail riding mostly mountain bikes, but I can see them adopting gravel bikes, but can't say for sure.

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