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Get on your bike, hands on the handlebars. You should be able to remove your hands from the bars with no change in position. If not, your set up has you too far forward and/or your core strength needs improvement.

Yeah, that bike seems too small for you. That drop is ridiculous, even by boneless pro cyclists' standards.

Push the saddle back and down a bit(visualize an arc; if you move saddle back, you must also lower it to remain on the arc. As said, you could get a longer stem, too.

As others said, you can tilt the nose of the saddle up just a bit. The part that your sitbones are on should be flat and right now, it's tilted a bit forward.

Back in the day, the cool dudes all rode with their handlebars rotated back 180 degrees.

It worked for Graeme Obree.
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