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Originally Posted by Phil_gretz View Post
Tire manufacturers do not recommend the specific tire pressure that a rider should select. Typically, they recommend a range of pressures, and have a maximum pressure that has some margin of safety built in. The correct pressure will be a function of the tire volume, the rider weight, and the rider preference for feel. Pumping to the maximum pressure isn't what the manufacturer "intends" for the average rider.

Originally Posted by JonathanGennick View Post
I prefer a reasonable accuracy in my gauges, because I don't want to worry that my psi w/one pump needs to be different than with another pump. And can you imagine a tire pressure discussion amongst cyclists if my 100 psi were your 120p psi were someone else's 80 psi?
I really doubt you'll find a 20PSI difference between pumps. I bet 5psi is at the outer limits.

And unless you're in the TDF, Its not going to make a huge difference for a single ride.

BTW, I like pumps that have the gauge at the top of the pump and not at the bottom. They are easier to see where the needle is.
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