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Originally Posted by Giacomo 1 View Post
I'm not looking to be argumentive, but I am frustrated with the state of cycling in America.

It seems to me we have given up on proper road racing because we refuse to compete. The rest of the world seems to be doing fine in the pro peloton, but not us. We refuse to play by the rules Europe has rightly created for there sport and now we're taking our bikes and going home to ride in something called the Red Hook Crit. We now lean towards sophomoric X Game nonsense which is nothing but a flash in the pan. It might give us instant gratification but it won't have any staying power or make history and it'll be good for a couple of years before the next great thing comes along. In other words, its disposable entertainment, unlike true European road racing that has been with us for over a century and will be around long after America has left the sport.

I'd just like to see us get serious about road cycling again. Even as "troubled" as the pro cycling model is, its far better than an obscure crit race in Brooklyn.
I appreciate your response and I get it, you want American's to win in the TdF, which is odd to me that you chose to derail this thread with your thirst for American winners when EF has riders from 13 nationalities. Their top riders/hope for wins being Uran, Woods, Vanmarcke, & Modelo, all who are not American (Ok, I do wish for a Phinney Roubaix win and Howes in the Ardennes). Only 6 out of the 27 riders on the team are American. First and foremost they are a cycling team with no obligation to fostering and hiring American talent. If they were obligated, they would have signed riders like Sepp Kuss, Neilson Powless, and maybe even Tj Eisenhart along with other promising young American riders. Maybe your passionate nationalist cycling fandom anger should be aimed at USA Cycling and lobbying for support for young riders the way Belguim supports their young riders.

I also disagree with "The rest of the world seems to be doing fine in the pro peloton" because as a non European country, I think the US is doing just fine, just don't compare us to Colombia.

As I said, EF-Drapac is first and foremost a cycling team, which is a marketing tool for the brands that put their names on the team. As people have stated in this thread, gravel racing is experiencing a surge with participants, especially in the US. The Red Hook crit is far from obscure and long distance races like the Transcontinental are gaining in popularity. EF might be the first pro team to take this approach, but many other forms of sponsorship dollars are choosing these routes. Look at an ex continental athlete like Gus Morton who is supported by Specialized and Rapha among others. He goes from riding for a month off the grid in Newfoundland making a film, right into Red Hook, then right into Eroica Italy.

The way sponsors can maximise their exposure is changing, and relying on just wins in major cycling races isn't the smartest way to get the best bang for your buck. I applaud EF and Rapha for this move and can't wait to watch along next year.
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