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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Pretty sure its a T700 from '93. max is 32mm tires with fender or 35mm tires otherwise. Thats going off what remember when I measured over a year ago after buuing the frame.
Im sure itll be a fun ride once built up. Itll be interesting to ride it right before/after my touring bike to feel the difference in flex with that seemingly 60mm downtube.
My friends Cannondale that I posted the photo of (above in post number 42) usually has 35 or 37mm tires inside the fenders. So, perhaps his is newer. I do not think he started touring until this century, so his Cannondale is probably roughly 10 years newer than yours.

Another friend of mine had an early Cannondale touring bike, but it took 27 inch tires. He no longer has that bike. I think that bike also had a freewheel instead of cassette.

My Lynskey Backroad has a downtube that measures about 1.75 inches in diameter.
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