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I'm still living the simple life. My single rented room was finally feeling like home so I bought a sixteen cube shelving unit. It works great. My other furniture is a cot; a folding lounge chair designed for outdoor use, and a bar stool with a backrest. Now my landlord has taken in an ex con who tried to kill somebody. He smokes indoors when he knows he's breaking the terms of the lease. He sprays cologne to mask the smoke odor. He and his girlfriend have shouting matches with her crying baby visiting. Now he's added a puppy (pitbull mix obviously) and it's not so pleasant around here with his evil vibe. The landlord essentially wants me and the other tenant to catch him smoking before he will even say something to him. My point being that I'm glad I live simply because if this goes on much longer I'll have an easy time moving out.

Earlier in the year I ordered eight black plastic cargo bins. Those were to hold some of my existing items and to make moving much neater. Everything won't fit into them but I feel comfort knowing that I could be out of here in half a day if need be. The longest job would be disassembling my sixteen cube shelf.

I would rather stay here in this rented room than live in a van again, but if this scene becomes too bothersome I'll buy a used Uhaul box truck and put my rent money into making it beautiful inside and for future maintenance costs. There are plenty of gyms in town where I could shower every day.
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