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Originally Posted by mtb_addict View Post
I'm serious for long time considering quiting my high paying job and living the simple life like you. And earn just enough money for food and shelter. And work on things that I consider worthwhile.
There is nothing wrong with having a high paying job and living the simple life at the same time. If you like your job and its benefits keep it. Just get rid of unneeded things and feel the relief of having less clutter. Having lots of money gives you more choices. Choices are good.

Depending on your age you might consider working a few more years and at the same time getting rid of clutter. Then all of that money you saved could let you retire and live on $5000 per year for the remainder of your life. If you take home $100,000 per year that alone would last twenty years. When I lived in my minivan I spent very little on living beyond food, water, gasoline, and car insurance. The van was old and was eventually sold for $300. I bought it for $800 two years earlier. At least $200 was spent on repairs and another $150 to turn it into a stealthy tiny house on wheels.

On this forum several years ago there was talk about the annual cost of an automobile. Some calculations had the price in the $4000 range. Others had it at $7000. If you lived in a van you could expect to pay that much plus other expenses like food and possibly health insurance. That could cost a fortune if you want health insurance. Unfortunately living simply in the USA requires earning a lot of money just to get by with shelter, transportation, and insurance.
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