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Originally Posted by Hmmm View Post
I do hope you know the difference between a pro conti team and a world tour team.

Except Red Hook and Kanza right?

Sorry couldn't help myself. I appreciate the comments, and am surprised by your opinion. I think it's an interesting debate. I've recently sold my road race bike and purchased a 'cross bike. It will be fun to follow EF through different race events and see how they hold up outside of the Pro Peloton. I know that Alex Howes and Joe Dombrowski have been doing Leadville 100 for a couple years now. How great would it be to see Mike Woods at the Red Bull Bay Climb - Funny enough Phil Gaimon just posted a video of himself there.

Welp see you and the EF boys at Tracklocross nationals next year then Giacomo Or is it better we meet at Crusher in the Tushar?
Definitely an interesting topic, and I think it shows the generational differences. I admit to being a traditionalist in most things and a bit of a nationalist. I certainly appreciate the skills I see from other countries, its just that I like to see us compete well on the world stage and right now, in cycling, we are not. I really should write to USA Cycling and give them a piece of my mind (I'm sure they would enjoy that!)but maybe they need to hear from us.

I'm not sure what positives these off- beat races brings to American cycling, or if it matters if Phinney wins in Brooklyn. I think it would matter far more if he won Paris-Roubaix or a stage in the TDF, but that's just my old school way of thinking I guess.

By the way, I've been to Red Hook many times in my life( I live close by) and never saw a bike race. Heck, BITD, you would never have ridden your bike through that terrible neighborhood! Now they hold a bike race there! Never thought I would live to see that! So PM me when the crit is on and we can meet up. Ill let you school me in the finer points of X Game style cycling!
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