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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...because this comes up pretty high on Google as a reference, and because I finally got around to taking one of these BB's out so I could repaint the bike, here are some photos of a difficult extraction. When I got the lock rings loosened up and off, I somehow naively thought the BB unit would slide right out. It turns out that if you put an aluminum shelled sealed unit in slip fit proximity to a steel shell, you'll get some galvanic corrosion over the years. this is especially true if you tell people the BB will last forever.

Anyway, I managed to figure out a way to extract it without pounding on it, which I would suppose is not good for the bearings. I don't think I'll re-use it, because I'd like to rebuild this with a different Shimano crank that only marginally works with this spindle. But you never know what you'll run into down the line. the pulling unit is the the original locking nut for one side, reversed so you don't mess up the chamfered inner edge. The shims you use to gradually coax the unit loose are just a miscellaneous collection of standard, loose bearing BB lock nuts from the spares drawer.

Wow! So, is there any hope for the bottom bracket threads to fit a conventional cartridge, or will you need another threadless solution? I can't see through all the rust.
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