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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
Ed Litton belongs on this list...
I would consult @gugie for direction on the dimpling, he should have some words of wisdom.
I've got an Ed Litton paint job from 5 years ago, and a buddy of mine had a cantilever fork repair/repaint job a few years back, but same buddy is trying to get a frame painted by him, but hasn't had success in connecting for a few months now, and is moving on. Ed does (did?) great work, but was always late and later on promises. Perhaps he's retired now? Anybody know?
@Andy_K has had good success with Jeff Bock in Iowa.

As far as dimpling goes, you're going to have significantly less stiff chainstays if you do that, which may be ok for a light rider or someone who mostly sits and spins up hills. As others have pointed out, this may not be a good candidate fora 650b conversion. If you're doing a full repaint anyway, check to see the widest tire you can get put on the fork. If you can get a 700c x 32 in there with your brakes, then it may be useful to relocate the rear brake bridge, which isn't very difficult for framebuilder to do. I've found that sometimes the clearance doesn't match between front and rear. 32's will give you a significantly cushier ride than 28's.

If you're ok with powder coat, a good recommendation would be Groody Brothers in Kansas City. Mark Rainey there does brazing as well as powder coat, and can re-decal and clear coat as well for a pretty reasonable price. He powder coated a couple of frames for me, including my" Eroica" Grand Sport
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