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Originally Posted by Dan Burkhart View Post
Wow! So, is there any hope for the bottom bracket threads to fit a conventional cartridge, or will you need another threadless solution? I can't see through all the rust.

...there is always hope. I wire brushed it, knocked out some of the sand and rust (there was so much that it blocked to lower end of the down tube like a plug), and have the frame hanging up outside filled up about halfway with Evapo-rust. There are definitely threads still there... I don't know why the Mavic was installed in the first place, because I've only had the bike for 8 years or so. I'll try to chase it out with some standard piloted taps, and if that doesn't get it to where a sealed cartridge BB from this century with JIS spindle ends installs securely, I'll either go with one of those Velo Orange threadless thingies, or maybe ream it a skosh and tap it Italian. I'm pretty sure I can make it work, but I'll definitely get this resolved for sure before I go to the trouble of repainting and stickering it.

I kind of had a hunch this was gonna be a PIA, which is why I've left it alone since it continued working (and still does.)

Interestingly, the majority of the observable rust is located within six inches in any direction of the BB shell, and lot of what got sacrificed in the galvanic erosion appears to have been from the aluminum. If those lock rings are yet another metal, (they might be), that only added to the problem
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