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Originally Posted by gsteinb View Post
All said, sure guys cheat. But really it's american cycling. You could win a pro crit and 12 people would care.
You're totally exaggerating that number just to feel good. It's far lower. Dare I say 1 or 2 if you count yourself oftentimes.

I went to USA Cycling a few weeks back to attend the Local Association Conference (Currently President of Illinois's LA). While there we got a full on dose of the talk from USADA and USA C. Derek BHall covered some of it in his remarks. I even wrote down his quote: "Our worst offenders are Masters men who are taking testosterone and (either steroids or corticosteroids?)."

They did something like 230 tests last year alone. That's a lot. They have pledged to do more and more and more. Here in Illinois (Chicagoland area for the most part) we have had them test multiple times a year.

In general I despise when masters racers complain about this stuff, especially because they are the largest group of cheaters. It's not going away. It will not lessen either. There are a lot of sanctions that are coming down. We only hear about the ones that are finished with arbitration. We were told that there are still cases in arbitration that are year(s) old. Those too will eventually come to light.

Oh and we were asked to share with all promoters to keep an eye out for racers that show and then ditch when they find out that USADA is there. We were told that the "rat a rider out" drop a dime phone line is 100% used to help target riders for testing and that all reports are investigated more thoroughly than we would think. "If we show up to test - it isn't because of some random reason. We have a reason to be there and we are going to be sure that the riders we want to test are going to be selected for testing among the other random riders tested."

Personally I disagree with cheating. None of us can say that testing is the only way to fight cheating or even if it's the best way but doing nothing isn't an option and currently this is a method that is widely accepted and funded.
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