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Originally Posted by gsteinb View Post
It's funny because in New England there are guys working for the exact opposite. Masters threaten boycotts of races without payouts. For me, I've given up mass start stuff and am focusing on racing that costs more, and gives out tee shirts and on a good day medals. I'm tired of worrying some jerk off with 100 pounds on my is going to hook me in a sprint for the $40 check. I've had way too many surgeries.

As for the doping, a couple years back a guy missed at test at a NJ crit. It was the state championships, but he was doing a non championship masters race. He (claims) to have flatted, and as it was a corporate park he took the shortest route to his car and split. I have heard of promoters / folks trying to get him before he drove off. He got two years. He was back this year, raced TTs (primarily Eddy class) where he routinely beat me. He did one funny bike bike (state TT) where he won the 40 or 45+ (I forget which bracket he races). When it happened I was on the side of things where it seemed it could be an honest mistake. Racing against him regularly I now think he was probably dirty. Funny the way the mind works.

I needed a lecture from a statistician for me to understand at what point the results become relevant. I'm happy when guys I've raced against get popped, but there is so little of it (hell they did they even test at masters track nationals this year?) the evidence all seems anecdotal.
On the boycott bit - I call that the great “Masters Bluff”. We had a couple of local teams imply the same thing. I believe they skipped the first year. Then they came back.

I have always seen it like this: I was putting on 3/5’s of our Illinois cup series - if they wanted to be the “best masters racer in Illinois” they had to show up. There aren’t enough actual races left to boycott - they’re only screwing themselves by missing one of the handful of races left on the calendar.

.....and finally and most importantly- racing a bicycle is an self-absorbed ego driven endeavor. They couldn’t stand NOT racing. As soon as the races happened they forgot there wasn’t a payout. Precedent set.

In reality there here is always a vocal minority of masters racers that get upset about no payouts. They are usually the ones that were winning those payouts. The rest of the field never cared (they didn’t win them anyway). So if you pull the payouts and the “top” guys don’t show then it gives the rest of the field a chance to win - which they love. Those top guys end up either coming back immediately (because they hate the idea that whatshisname won) or they become a footnote to amateur racing and we all move on.

Seriously there are no ends to the positives of eliminating them.

Oooooo.... and if they totally disappeared then you can move that time slot into having/adding a masters women’s race!
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