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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
As a masters racer, I am mostly referring to the fact that it is just recreational amateur racing. Kind of like beer-league hockey, which I also used to play.

I guess it matters at big events where national and world champions are crowned.
Well its racing. The core concept in a race is that you're competing in something with the idea of trying to win. Obviously people go race for a variety of reasons and not everyone cares about winning, or has a chance of winning. But still it you're calling it a race, you should attempt to organize it such that there is fair and reasonable competition. That means women's fields, or age graded fields, rules and a reasonable attempt to enforce them. Or just don't have races and make everything group rides or comparing yourself to others on Strava,

Bike racing could do itself a big favor IMO but worrying a little less about the "significance" of somebody's race field. If they're out there racing, its important- to them. In the grand scheme, not very important, sure. But, why even have bike races if we're worried about the global significance of them? Treat everyone's fields like its important, because it is- that's what the sport is comprised of. You want lots and lots of people to come out and go racing, that's what makes it viable.
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