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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
Why would you mix amateur payouts and race fees with pro/sponsor level stuff anyway? Or is the P/1/2 still low enough level that it is actually amateur.

I mean, it's either pro or it is amateur. I'm not understanding the concept of paying out more the higher the level if there is a "split" between pro and amateur.

Again, it's what I knew growing up, but with golf in the amateur field of adults the money split is actually usually based on the field size IN YOUR GROUP. So, if the championship flight field is only 5 guys, yeahhhh. You don't get "pro" payout at any tournaments with amateurs involved, unless it's an "open" event and they qualified.

I'd play in 1st or championship flight and get like 5th and get $200 to the pro-shop. The guy winning the last flight with a score of 92 often got more money. Just the way amateur payouts are done in golf.

It appears the payouts aren't vastly different in amateur cycling.

If you don't have something shiny for the hands or around the neck, and a few peanuts for a snack on the way home.........doesn't matter the amateur sport......if there's nothing on the line at all, people won't show up.
The time commitment being competitive in a p/1/2 field requires is much higher than the other categories. The fastest riders in the p/1/2 field might only be working part time so they can focus on making cycling the center of their universe. You get a mixture of actual pros and amateurs trying to go pro. That prize money comes in handy for both.
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