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Originally Posted by guapo_az View Post
Lots of them out there. I've narrowed my search to the L&M Urban 1000, the Lezyne Macro 1100XL and the new Niterider 1200. I also considered the Cygolite 1100, but decided against it. All of these lights are super bright, but I really don't need 1200 lumens for an hour or ride time. For that matter, I really don't need 1000 lumens for 1:30 either. So, I've been looking at their secondary settings. Niterider has 550 lumens for 3 hours. L&M has 500 lumens for 3 hours. Lezyne has 650 lumens for 2:30. The Cygolite is hard to tell - I think I found somewhere they are about 380 lumens for a couple hours or something like that and their boost is up to 1100. It just doesn't seem to be bright enough on that second setting or last long enough.

Pricing for the Cygolite is around $75, Lezyne is $79, Niterider $100 and that L&M sucker is $120. I like the L&M looks, but not for an extra $20-$40. I'm leaning towards the Lezyne. 650 lumens for 2:30 hours is like a 45-50 mile ride for me... which would leave me as cold as a Popsicle when the sun ain't up in the winter. It should be plenty. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these lights? Maybe someone can make a different suggestion?

Not the specific light but the Niterider (NR) brand. I have the NR 1800 Pro and love it. The only issue I have with it is the overly complicated electronic power switch -- you have to hold it and wait. Fine when you're starting out, but not that simple at speed. Hit a bump and you lose contact and have to start over.

I wish it had a direct access to the power setting or at least a feedback click power up/down. Also, keep in mind when shopping for a light, its not just a matter of power output, but beam pattern as well. NR has one of the best in the business, so be sure to check reviews to make sure you're getting a beam pattern (lens) that defines objects rather than just a bright scattered light that reflects back a lot of glare.
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