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Overdressed when I went out, started shedding clothes right away. At an hour and forty minutes out I made my first stop to rest a little and eat half an energy bar. Took off everything but my shorts and shoes and basked in the sun for a while, it was over 75. Put my jersey back on no gloves, and continued. An hour later I put the gloves back on, it was getting cooler very fast. Stopped to tighten the left shifter and put warmer gloves on. At my final stop the sun had set behind the mountains and I put everything else I had, vest, arm warmers over my long sleeved jersey, tights even my little beany. Was still a little cold when I made it home. I had to use my light to find my way home. 51 miles. Broke 4000 miles for the year. But I counted the days left and there is no way I'll match the 6000 miles I did last year. Maybe I'm getting old.
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