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Today started out very warm 75, rode to my first rest stop to eat 1/2 an energy bar and took off my jersey to bask in the sun for 15 minutes. I won't get very many more chances to do that for a while. At my last stop, in a state park, there was a group with a bunch of very young kids running around in a large grass field. They were between 2 & 3, I don't remember being that old, but I can visualize it. They were just running and rolling around, very cute. Half way up the long hill on the last leg of my ride home there were several cars pulled over, when I got near I could see they were watching a herd of about a hundred elk, looked like all does, grazing in a very large grass field. Later very near home in a residential zone I came across a large mule deer with a tremendous rack just calmly walking around. It's hunting season and they know where they are safe. 53 miles
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