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High Sierra numbers

Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
Will have a date code on the head badge. I've had a lot of those bull moose style stems. They were very popular. Clearly you replaced the RD at one point. Neither 1985 or 1984 had roller cams, so that is out. As I recall, 1986 and 1987 did have roller cams.

High Sierras from that era were quite nice, but have very limited value. Can make a nice ride, or a great source of parts. Its one of the models I keep an eye out for as they are relatively plentiful.
Thanks Bill. I remember now the rear derail leur breaking, and the one I have now is a replacement! But the roller cams came with the bike and I still have the receipt dated 3/15/1984, so it cannot be a 1986 or later model! It has no numbers on the head badge, but the bottom bracket is stamped with the s/n and under that G 1 0 8 5, so maybe it was made in Jan 1985? I dunno. I have no interest in selling it, just still riding it for old time's sake.
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