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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Generally speaking, the way you'd approach the flying 200 on the two track mentioned would be significantly different.

One major point is that on a shallow track, there is very little climbing during the windup. On the steep track, there is a significant amount of climbing during the windup.

The second is the dive. On the former track, the dive is from a shallow height. On the latter track, from a much higher point.

Experience on both will guide you more than our words can. You have to go out and practice it...and use various gears doing so. "Big gear" and "Small gear" are all relative terms. Your goal right now is to find out what that "Normal gear" is for you and the track. From there, you can go bigger or smaller.
Hi Carlton, thanks for that. If just getting out and testing is the answer, thatís cool. I just wanted to check that there wasnít some agreed wisdom on gearing adjustment from a control gearing for each track type so I didnít waste time going the wrong way with the tweaks. My inclination would be to go slightly easier since there is more climbing as you say and more time spent in corners. Maybe with so little experience it doesnít really matter as line choice will be more important.

I have a sprint training session coming up for the 250m track the weekend after next and then my first sprint competition is a few days after that. The training session is 2 hours but realistically I assume I will only have a handful of 200m attempts taking rest times into account. Hopefully I can work something out!

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