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Originally Posted by Kaben View Post

thats really interesting - I will focus more on technique between the tracks rather than worrying about gearing so much then.
i honestly thought there would be bigger gear variance between the track styles but this at least means there’s one less variable to worry about come race day.
Maybe consider doing Flying 100s with a full windup and note your 100m split time and max speed. Doing full Flying 200s can be taxing and that last 100m the most taxing. You can learn what you need to know about your windup and gearing using the first 100m.

To estimate your Flying 200m time, double the 100m split time and add 0.1”. That should get you close and save your legs for more tests.


I'm not sure how much experience you have on the tracks that you intend to race on. But, I think your windup strategies (e.g. when to accelerate, when to relax, when to jump out of the saddle, where to start the dive, etc...) will have more of an effect on your time than a few gear inches up or down. For example, at DLV, adjusting your "jump" point several meters forwards or back will greatly affect your time. That jump point also depends on what gear you have on. It's all sort of mingled together.

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