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Originally Posted by Kaben View Post

thats really interesting - I will focus more on technique between the tracks rather than worrying about gearing so much then.
i honestly thought there would be bigger gear variance between the track styles but this at least means there’s one less variable to worry about come race day.
The only real applicable instance of "drastically" altering your gearing, is for really short tracks. A 250 isn't short enough to affect gearing. It's The really tight turns that make it harder for news and average weekend warriors to carry speed through the banks.

I've ridden 200m tracks that were both round and cigar shaped, these being Rochester Hills and the old Bromont Velodromes.

The old Bromont Velodrome was a 166m track that was already slightly oblong because it was constructed as a temporary velodrome that went into a hockey arena. It then got each straight lengthened by 17m to make for a 200m track when it found its permanent home in Bromont. Riding this track was not for the faint of heart (54*banks) and was really like shooting into the corkscrew of a rollercoaster after coming in on that "long-ish" straight. As a 16yo I was pulling roughly 2.5G in the banks and the amount of compression really made it hard to pedal compared to other tracks. Rochester Hills was the opposite, and rode much like a 250, as the track was rounder with shorter straights and gentler banks, making it super easy to carry your speed through the turns.

As an aside, besides gearing, the tactics for racing on these two tracks (despite being the same length) were quite different. A shallower banking puts a passing rider further to the outside than a steeper banking does, as a stepper banking "stacks" the riders more. A shallower track makes it much more important to make the most of a passing attempt on the straight. A steeper track with long straights offers quite an advantage for the passing rider as theet is less distance penalty, yet you really shoot out and down the track as you come out of the turn. The right and long tracks make for more exciting racing to watch in my opinion.
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