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Originally Posted by AlanK View Post
You don't seem to familiar with the newer mid-drive crank motor e-bikes. I'll post a review of one that could be well suited for touring below.

A good-quality mid-drive bike with a typical range of about 50-70 miles weighs about 47 pounds. And as I mentioned before, the range can be extended significantly by selectively using the power primarily or only on inclines. If you don't use power on declines and use minimal or no power on level terrain, a range of 80-90 miles is plausible. This is significant considering a typical touring cyclist travels about 40-50 miles/day.

While I'm tempted, the price is prohibitively expensive. A good touring-capable mid-drive e-bike costs a minimum of about $2800, and most are commuter rather than touring bikes.

But as with many things it's possible the prices will decrease if and as the technology becomes more widespread and less expensive to manufacture. We'll see...
You are wrong. I've ridden at least a dozen different models of bikes, almost all of them mid drives. Brose and Yamaha motors are notoriously underpowered. They are a less than ideal choice for a loaded touring bike trip with any serious climbing involved.

Also, heavy bikes can be uncomfortable to ride. Especially heavy aluminum bikes. You will want suspension for that Raleigh and that will add weight.

There are big differences in comfort depending on tire width, wheel composition, and frame materials. If you are contemplating an actual tour you are best advised to demo for at least a day to see if a trip is viable with the model you selected. This means a demo with a rack or two, panniers and loaded.

I bet a 50+ lbs ebike with racks and bags and maybe fenders, alu frame and skinny tires is going to beat you up pretty good.

I take it you haven't ridden a fully loaded (racks, bags, gear) aluminum ebike with no suspension and skinny tires. The experience may not be what you had hoped for. Demo and find out before contemplating a purchase further, much less a multi day or multi week trip.

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