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I have a few hundred miles on mine now. The positive is the battery life, it will run forever. But it has issues. I have to reset the elevation before every ride, even though I preset it for the elevation in my driveway. I did figure out you can set it using the phone app and it only takes a few seconds, but if you forget to do it then you're screwed. HOWEVER, today I just noticed an issue. The elevation when I start is about 223m. I see now when I get home and stop the elevation is at 123. So the elevation is screwed up.

The HR data won't start showing on the screen until I've been riding for a few minutes, and the time keeps getting delayed. When it was brand new it would read as soon as I turned the unit on. Then it wouldn't pick up until about a mile into the ride. Then 2 miles then 3. Today it didn't start reading until mile five.

And now the average speed on the display is screwed. It got up to 18.0MPH then froze. I knew it wasn't wworking because I was cruising at 19-22mph and it wouldn't read higher. I downloaded the ride on my phone app and my average was 18.92. But the unit that I look at while riding stopped at 18.0. I can't recommend the Bryton.
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