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Originally Posted by Philphine View Post
do you just occasionaly charge the battery or have a way of charging it while you ride?

i'm actually thinking on a (much much) simpler stereo/lighting system for one of mine. really just some scooter mirrors that have speakers built into them and a little more elaborate lighting than usual. i've read a little about bicycle charging systems but there isn't a lot of info so i'm always searching. like having the generator/dynamo work like an alternator that keeps a small 12v battery charged.
I use a 20ah sealed lead acid on my cruiser with a simple speaker setup, and it can go all day between charges, so I just popped the battery on the charger overnight, it does weight ten pounds though.. You can get amp boards with bluetooth for $20 and you can choose stereo, or 2.1 and stick a sub on your bike.
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