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Originally Posted by Greybeard712 View Post
Too much traffic to get there during the week by riding from home. Very low to the ground, not as visible as a taller bicycle, even with the bright orange flag and blinking lights. Cars and pick-em-up trucks are whizzing by at 50mph. I do ride the bikes from home but it's scary.
Sounds like a normal and reasonable reaction to a sketchy situation. I will bike far out of my way to avoid fast moving auto traffic. Luckily my city has an adequate network of back streets and bike paths. For safety, the shortest distance between two points is NOT a straight line sometimes.

Nice tadpole! My wife and I would have a pair of them if I had a way to haul them to the nice Rail-Trail 35 miles away (by car, 50 by bike). Can't have everything I guess.
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