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I'm making a practice frame with every stupid idea* I can throw at it, so I'm going to do this slip ring nonsense. I'm really too short for a seat tube mounted light to be a good idea, so I might skip that bad idea. So I'm not sure where I'm going to run the tail light wire, probably have it exit at the bb shell.

*also good ideas I have no experience with

brass against copper would be better, same-same material has higher friction and fretting for some reason I only vaguely understand. But that issue ruled my life for a while at a previous job. I just asked John Clay for some clarification on his technique yesterday. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!to...rs/Q9DxcVCtYgs

There is a Hirose video where he sets a frame up like this, but nobody seems to know the link and he has dozens of videos. So looking for that exact video is a real time sink. Hirose winds copper magnet wire into a bed of epoxy and then turns down the OD of the wire. Magnet wire has insulation, and the epoxy should keep it in place where it is needed. I'm thinking of using that technique because John's method of making a ring, stretching it, and then gluing it onto the head tube seems a little too fiddly for me.

For retrofit purposes, external routing at the crown and drilling into the head lug is a lot more practical. I suppose it depends on the size of your vent hole, but there is very little clearance available inside the head tube of a bike with a 1" steerer.

I also haven't quite figured out the routing at the crown. Some tail lights can be powered from a dynohub, but some can't. Turns out that all the fender mounted taillights I have cannot tolerate full dyno voltage and should be powered through the headlight. And I am using dropouts with contacts in them, so the wiring would go up inside the fork blade, exit at the lower rack mount, traverse the rack up to the headlight, then go back to the crown to the slip ring contact.

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