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Actually...since I'm home from work now....time for the story about the nun calling me the anti-christ.

I was 7 years old....and my parents, neither of which was catholic, put me in a catholic school because "the education was good"....yeah so good that I rarely saw a teacher since I kept getting put into the office....from everything from "Why should I care what some old guy Named Job dad doesn't know it and he seems alright, so what the hell's the point?" (yeah, I learned some bad words along the way from my dad, and some of the rather profane movies he watched from time to time) the following event.

We were brought into the church for our weekly worship (I never understood this either...I was never raised to be religious)...and they usually splash water on us, which I never understood...well this time, after the splash, I found a dish of water to the right of the priest.

Being the rather thirsty and uniformed little 7 year old I was, I cupped my hands, got a handful of water, and proceeded to quench my thirst....the nuns lost it, and the priest had a look of shock on his face. Once he asked me why I done it, and I explained, he started laughing hystarically....however the nuns were not amused, and I nearly got expelled over it. They did end up allowing me to finish the year, but not come back for another.

....bummer...there was this Jenny girl who was hella cute, and totally into me too
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