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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
My biggest gripe with stuff that's not 2019 model year brand new on the $7000+ bikes is the fact that you still get some somewhat ugly cable management even with integrated bars.

I really want the 2019 headsets and stems that route the cables around the stem with a little cover over the stem and steerer area to get the cables cleanly back.

I'm not seeing much beyond Kickstarter stuff right now, or brand new items only compatible with a 2019 frame.
That's the stuff that Trek did on the Madone a few years back. I really don't have anything nice to say about that integration.

I will tell the story again - racers on my team was told that neutral race support wouldn't fix his shifting issue before the race. The problem the racer described was pretty standard Shimano issue that implied the cable head way fraying and about to break. Neutral response was, "I'm not performing open heart surgery on this thing. You might be able to make it through the race without it breaking". Racer asked me to fix it for him. I did. Took myself and a helper almost an hour and forty five minutes to simply change a simple derailleur inner cable.

Because of the routing through the bars and through the stem and headset the entire bike was touched and worked on.

Externally routed cables of the original Shimano STI era - could swap an inner in 3 minutes or less if needed.

So once again we (race mechanics) are faced with a product that was over engineered without any care given to actual working and maintenance ("well we really designed it to be used with electronic systems"). It was marketed as a "race" bike - "The removal of the external cable routing is more aerodynamic. We will do this on our top bikes because it's the best". Top racers internationally are riding them because they were given them. It works for them because the team of mechanics work on them and maintain them constantly and when the crap hits the fan they have a backup bike on the rack for the rider. They can perform the open heart surgery later.

So it took well performing bikes and made them a liability for the vast majority of people who actually use them and sometimes race on them. If you do all of your own work and you honestly just like the way it all looks then - by all means subject yourself to that torture. If you never do your own work then be prepared for a shop that isn't very versed in that stuff to look at you and say, "Yeah I don't work on those - take it to the dealer". Be prepared for the dealer to say, "ahh...yeah we'll put it into the queue. We'll call you when it's done. Maybe this week - maybe next." Be prepared for Neutral Race Support to say, "Yeah it's going to break on you but maybe you'll make it through the race. Who knows but i am not working on that before your race at all. Good luck."

For the tiny perceived "benefit" it just doesn't seem to make sense in the real word where things have to be worked on.

Kind of like seat masts.
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