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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
360* camera? Or two cameras, front and rear? Is cycling so dangerous I need a bank of security cameras running 24/7 just in case? Perhaps I need a new pastime that dose not require constant surveillance video equipment?
This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with treatment by the legal system and by motorists. By your logic everyone should stop driving cars since doing that places you at a greater risk of injury or death than cycling does. Do you believe that is a reasonable course of action?

Cyclists have historically been treated as inferior at the hands of law enforcement and the courts. Cameras are helping to turn the tide. The average citizen also recognizes a camera when it's conspicuously placed (i.e. on the helmet). Thanks to GoPro's brilliant marketing I've been asked many times if I'm wearing a GoPro. Ever since I began using one five years ago I can count on a single hand how many times I've been intentionally harassed. Prior to that I ran out of fingers every month.
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