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Originally Posted by raria View Post
As I was flying over the hood of the car that hit me this Sunday I recall being grateful that the accident happened in my own neighborhood. At least if I was knocked unconscious my neighbors would call my partner, take me to hospital etc. I also figured they'd be able to ID the idiot who was too busy on his phone and rolled through a stop sign so his front bumper hit me square on.

I landed with a thud on my backside and tore up my shorts and right leg badly enough that there was a bit of blood but not too serious.

So imagine my surprise when the neighbors (who I knew but were not close friends with) looked out at me and then promptly went back to what they were doing. Only a ten year old came over and asked me if I was okay. The driver stayed in the car and is not from our neighborhood. Finally a group wandered over to me after a good five minutes and instead of sympathy I got the victim-blaming angle. Why do you cycling on the roads? Are you going to report this so we get speed bumps etc? When the driver finally emerged from his car, they asked him if he was okay. When I explained he rolled through a stop sign they said yes he did, but this was normal and expected and I should have been paying more attention.

By this time I was getting a little annoyed, so I said I would call the police (CAAD 12 was a write off), the neighbors then promptly took the drivers side and said they believed it was my fault. I explained patiently I was not facing a stop sign and the driver had rolled through a stop sign. I pointed to the mark on his front bumper and showed the lack of mark on his front side panel to prove my point.

Amazingly people's memory started to change and they now recalled the driver stopping and me hitting him rather than him hitting me.

I know that some of you will say my memories were impaired but If you have been in an accident (auto or bike) before you may have experience this slowing down of time and burning of the memories into your mind. They even know that the amygdala region of your brain lays down more memories when you believe you are in grave danger. So my recollection is right.

So here I was riding through a neighborhood at 15mph waving to neighbors whose kids go school with mine, whom I say hello to when doing pickups from school. Yet all of that got transcended.

So why do they hate us so much?

I dont feel hated so not part of the us

Being situationally aware whether you have the right of way or not is wise when riding

If you saw him on his phone you did not make eye contact with him

I would still put blame on the driver but we ride much differently. I assume they are not looking will hit me and have hands on the hoods and look for outs at all intersections where I meet cars

Again I would not put blame on you as you did have the right of way at the same time this is the type of accident I have avoided many times and hope to continue to.

I do not think they hate us and have come across a few who do but I do not think they see us so I try to see them.

Twice this week I have had incidents where the driver was not looking when I was crossing a well known cyclist intersection we even have our own light here. The cars are constantly not looking as they race to the right turn on a full red light. I always try to make eye contact if I do not get it I am on my brakes. Most times I am seen and you see a shock on the drivers face I wave in a thank you unlike other cyclist I see rage and yell at the same intersection under the same circumstances. There are times I have to stop because they are so stupid and unaware of their surroundings. It happens allot being situationaly aware is part of riding in my book. Also being friendly to cars and waving each time they stop for me in thanks I think wise as well

Sorry to hear about your bike and your neighbors are not like mine and hope you have no long term injuries
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