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Originally Posted by guapo_az View Post
Lots of them out there. I've narrowed my search to the L&M Urban 1000, the Lezyne Macro 1100XL and the new Niterider 1200. I also considered the Cygolite 1100, but decided against it. All of these lights are super bright, but I really don't need 1200 lumens for an hour or ride time. For that matter, I really don't need 1000 lumens for 1:30 either. So, I've been looking at their secondary settings. Niterider has 550 lumens for 3 hours. L&M has 500 lumens for 3 hours. Lezyne has 650 lumens for 2:30. The Cygolite is hard to tell - I think I found somewhere they are about 380 lumens for a couple hours or something like that and their boost is up to 1100. It just doesn't seem to be bright enough on that second setting or last long enough.
First off say thanks to everyone - OP for starting this thread and the rest for your replies. I'm looking at lights in the same range and plenty of Lezyne and L&M on sale now. But I may also splurge and get the Garmin to pair my Edge 820

Originally Posted by MikeyMK View Post
I bought my light and battery separately, saved me a lot of money for the performance.

The li-po battery pack is 9800mah at 12v, it's the size of a superkings cigarette packet, has a built-in on-off switch and cost 20 quid.

The lamp was a motorbike Cree led front fog lamp, very strong diode, ULM U3 I think. Claims of stupid lumens of course, 5000 from one diode... more relevant is the claim of 10w power consumption. Voltage input 12v-60v. Big glass magnifier isn't light, at least in weight, but gives it a good projection (broad and consistent range of flood and throw). That was like 15 quid.

So for 35 quid I had the brightest light in town, that lasted.

(I still do, it's now rigged into my 48v e-bikes computer).
This is an intriguing idea - moto lights need to tolerate much more vibration so must be robust. How/where do you mount your battery pack? Pretty sure if the velominati will not allow me to hang a battery pack off my supersix Evo
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