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Originally Posted by mech986 View Post
If you are really fit and have plenty of experience riding climbs with standard race gearing 52/42 to 14-28, you can use this gearing and push up the hills as you like. For some of us older or less fit riders (I'm 63), we just can't climb those hills like we used to (or ever did!) and need more mechanical advantage. Many of us were more recreational riders rather than being racers, track or road, and/or have lost some of that physical edge we used to have - happens. Eroica is about recreating the challenge of the Classic European Tours and Giros, and giving everyone the chance to feel the burn and fatigue, and to suffer as much or as little as we want. However, there is precious little suffering and more like plenty of suffering on the medium and longer routes. For some, its a Typical Sunday ride, for others, a great challenge like a marathon - where having fun, pushing yourself at your own pace, and enjoying/suffering along with plenty of new friends and acquaintances, all the while enjoying all those vintage bikes, the grand scenery of California's Central Coast and the Pacific Ocean, and exploring Cambria, Cayucos, San Simeon, Morro Bay, and inland areas like Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. With some climbs in the 7%-18% range and descents just as challenging, the vast majority will welcome a little bit more gearing before we bail and walk. Others will motor right on up.

Regardless, the Eroica "rules and regulations" permit non-standard gearing as a means to enjoy the ride - even with alpine gearing, its still a huge challenge. So come out and have fun, hope to see you there.

BTW, in the photo above, we are on the 2018 "short" 45 mile route, walking up a hill just east of Cass Winery at mile 13 to 13.7 where the grade was about 9 to 9.9% followed by another short climb from mile 14 at about 8%. I'm in the Italian colors jersey leading the walking pack on the right.

There was also another climb pushing 12% at mile 25.
Here's the GPS route map and cue:

Mech986, thank you very much for your thoughtful message and your perspective. Enjoying the ride and the general experience is definitely a primary factor in participating (along with the bike mechanic geek in me that needs a reason to build up something new). Since I live in the area in SLO, I'll be able to do some recon of the route over the winter -- when I realize that my ambitions are bigger than my legs, you may indeed see a big cog out back with a long cage from Soma.


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