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Originally Posted by bartek. View Post

I can't find any information regarding data sample rate for Wahoo head units. AFAIR the SRM PM has 1sec data sample rate for Garmin units via Ant+ and 0.1sec for PC8 (ANT+? BT Smart?).

Anyone could give some reliable information about the sampling? I can be wrong here (correct me please) but SRM Science Track PowerMeter supports both ANT+ and BT, right? So how does it go with Wahoo head units which supports both protocols? What sampling rate can be achieved with using which protocol here?

Looking for a replacement for my Garmin Edge 810 and my 2 current options are Wahoo Elemnt Bolt or Edge 520 plus (PC8 is a way too expensive). Which one would be better for track purposes (I have enough information for other disciplines but don't want to be disappointed on track after buying a new unit)?
I do not have a track SRM, I have the Origin on two road bikes. There is an issue with cadence reporting with the Wahoo and my SRM. The numbers for cadence and average cadence are way off. I know it is a Wahoo issue because the SRM works flawlessly with my Garmin. The Wahoo also has an issue with pc6 board from SRM.
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