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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
GMC already makes non-eBikes,so this is a logical extension.
As noted previously at:
GM to make e-bikes
"Unlikely that idle chatter about a "concept vehicle" like the vaguely described e-bike is going to impress speculators or investors in GM. Would probably have the same effect on GM as the Denali Bicycle sold by Walmart - nothing at all."

Also note that General Motors neither makes nor sells the Denali bicycle. GM probably does earn some relative chump change licensing their GMC logo to Kent International, the manufacturer/wholesaler of GMC Denali bicycles.

Perhaps GM should register "LCF" as a trademark for their concept e-bike vehicle and slap a decal with that moniker all over it. Dreamers have my permission to suggest that name in the crowdsourcing naming contest being conducted by this trendy division of GM.

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