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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
IOne thing I'm sure they are not concerned about is any loss of sales of its automobile or truck divisions due to increased sales of e-bikes, whether they are GM products or not. E-bikes may have a niche market but it doesn't and won't affect the public's needs or desires for the regular products sold by any of the automobile/truck manufacturers.

I also doubt many people who currently own automobiles or trucks see e-bikes as the answer to their prayers or dreams to take up a car free lifestyle.
That's sort of implied in what GM is ostensibly saying about the benefits of alternative transportation for solving problems of congestion, environment, etc. I suspect you're right that they're just letting some PR guys have a go at upping the stock price a bit, but if they're not really serious about reducing overall driving per capita, then how can that have a positive impact on congestion and sprawl?
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