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I too only use dry lubes on my chains. So, a couple of other possible options:

1. Muc-Off has an all-weather lube but it's pretty expensive. I have it but haven't tried it out yet:

2. My preferred chain lube is Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube. However, the way I apply it involves a couple of days of elapsed time. After cleaning the chain thoroughly, I allow the chain to dry overnight. Then on the next day, I apply the C3 Dry lube to the chain and I keep some paper towels under the chain area on the floor as it's a runny lube initially so you'll get some drips. I then leave the bike for another 24 hours and the lube 'dries' on the chain, so there's nothing to wipe off. Any excess will have dripped down onto the paper towels, and the chain is touch dry. This works for me as I don't ride my bike regularly.
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